CANDRIAM is an acronym, standing for Conviction AND Responsibility In Asset Management.

A pioneer in responsible investment since 1996, Candriam is a global multi-specialist asset manager. As at 31 December 2021, our 600 or so investment professionals had 158 billion euros of assets under management.

With responsible investment at the heart of our management process, we offer clients innovative and diversified investment solutions in bond, equity, absolute performance strategy, asset allocation and real estate management.

We have management centres in Brussels, London, Luxembourg and Paris, as well as representatives in over 20 countries in mainland Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Middle East.

New York Life :
175 years of stability and independence


Candriam is a subsidiary of New York Life Group, America’s largest mutual life insurance company.
A Fortune 100©, company, New York Life has been awarded the highest financial rating by all the main international rating agencies:
- A.M. Best: A++
- Moody’s: Aaa
- Fitch: AAA
- Standard & Poor’s: AA+
With AuM of over USD550bn, New York Life Investments – the Group affiliate dedicated to asset management activities, of which Candriam is one of the affiliated specialists – ranks among the world’s leading asset managers1.
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Expertise Our management expertises

The strongly active form of investment management implemented by Candriam aims at consistently delivering risk-adjusted performance across market cycles.

Our global investment approach is based on two main pillars: in-house research we constantly seek to enhance, as well as a process of investment and solid portfolio construction, based on a framework of rigorous risk management.

Our extremely stable investment teams – average seniority at Candriam: 16 years – make and keep our investment processes consistent and sustainable.

A responsible company our philosophy

Candriam is as demanding of itself as it is of the companies in which it invests.

Candriam has developed numerous initiatives for its clients, collaborators, suppliers, civil society and the environment in order to behave as responsibly as possible behaviour towards all stakeholders.

Our engagements

Societal impact: Candriam Institute for Sustainable Development


Every year, Candriam donates part of its revenues to various responsible-investment-related social inclusion, research and educational projects.

In Belgium, therefore, Candriam has sponsored more than 100 charitable projects over the past 15 years. These projects are proposed each year by the company’s staff, who are personally involved in them, in the field, via voluntary work.

Made in Belgium Partners

Made in Belgium

Candriam embodies the Belgian know-how that is exported everywhere in the world.

In Brussels, at our primary management centre, 300 staff members construe, produce, manage and control most of the flagship expertises that comprise our value proposition: thematic equities, European equities, corporate and sovereign bonds, responsible investment, multi-asset management and money-market management, among others.

Candriam is one of Belgium’s principal asset management employers. Our longstanding presence in the country affords us a special relationship with the most prestigious Belgian universities and business schools, partnerships that we benefit from to integrate the young talents of Belgian finance.

1 Source: Conviction and responsibility in asset management
2 Source: all information on New York Life comes from the Annual Report 2019