Investing for tomorrow Conviction and Responsibility

Investir pour demain

Two of the words in our brand name, placing responsible investment right at the heart of our investment philosophy.

Investir pour demain

Our strength your serenity

Candriam is an affiliate of New York Life Group, a Fortune 100© company founded 175 years ago on three basic principles: the client’s best interests, a long-term vision, independence.

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25 Years of ESGWhat were you doing in 1996?


At Candriam, we were busy launching our first responsible fund.

25 Years of ESG
Investir pour demain
Vincent Hamelink

"Today, each person appreciates the need to help sustain human development. We aim to use our investor skills to fulfil this ambition."

Naïm Abou-Jaoudé

Chairman, New York Life Investment Management International

Candriam for
Belfius Private Banking

Close partners in Belgium for over 25 years now, Candriam and Belfius offer an unrivalled value proposition on the Belgian market. Candriam and Belfius is the pooling of two recognised top-of-the-range sources of know-how: responsible management of international scope and a unique experience of Private Banking and Wealth Management.

Within this framework, Candriam and Belfius share

common values: constant attention to risk control, a desire for permanent innovation, transparent communication and compliance with the strictest ethical standards.

Belfius and Candriam also share the same vision and ambition, both firmly believing in a sustainable investment strategy that generates profit not only for their clients but for Belgian society as a whole.

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  • 150bn euros of AuM
  • 600 staff members
  • +20 countries

• Figures as at 30 June 2021. Source: Candriam


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